Purple Dart Frog Games

The Brain Jam Game

Entry for Ludum Dare 46


Keep it alive - once again unsuspected

Story / Gameplay

Was not expecting this theme - but here we go.

This game is about saving your project from bugs, sunlight and sports... in other words - procrastinators. You place turrets along the brainwaves connected to your brain. Once turrets have been placed they can be sold again - however roughly 50% of the value is lost.

The price when placing turrets is losing focus which together with quality determines your "Ludum Dare placement" (rank within the game.

Enemies periodically eat of both quality and focus - especially once they reach your brain.


Clicks on the brainwaves once a type is selected constructs a turret in that position. (Waves light up with green indicators when selected).


0: Clear selected tower.

1: Build Fixer Tower (versus bugs).

2: Build In the zone Tower (versus sunny weather).

3: Build Coffenator Tower (slows every that is enemy hit - also good damage on sports).

Q: Sell Turret.

C: Cheat (Clear active wave).

L: Loose on purpose.

D: Delete highscore (not verified).

P: Pause game.

R: Restart game.

M: Toggle Music.

Q: Quit (also ESC).